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Restoring faith in humanity, one Kindness story at a time…

ACCEPTANCE & TOLERANCE - Almost three weeks ago me and a friend of mine were sitting in his aunt’s Department Store and a man came up carrying three dresses. He said he wasn’t sure if they would fit the person he was giving them to, after about ten minutes of trying to find the right size he finally looks up at my aunt and he is almost crying. He finally manage to stutter out that they were for him. My friend who was next to me and is a male shot out of his chair and came back several minutes later wearing a dress with a purse and all. He ran up to the man and smiled. “There is nothing wrong with it.” He was a very sweet kid so I was not very surprised. But behind us were two girls who did not appreciate the fact that men were wearing dresses in a store. They turned to us and say “Why are you guys dressed like that, you guys look freakish.” Now my friend Ben whirled around and bluntly stated. “The only thing freakish around here is the lack of acceptance that people have for each other.” The man was so happy after that he bought six dresses from us and started coming back after that. My aunt also put a sign on the front of that store that read. “We accept all kinds of customers, if you don’t want to see anyone different then you then go shop somewhere else.” – Faith in Humanity Restored Blog

BUCK UP AND GET A JOB - So, earlier this evening I posted this on my personal Facebook page, it was something that I experienced firsthand and wish to share it with my fellow New Yorkers.I just witnessed one of the most moving acts of kindness in NYC.A young girl (no more than 4 or 5yrs of age) and her father walked into a McDonald’s fhat I was sitting in. There was a homeless man sitting outside asking for change. The girl asked her father if she could gice him some money for food, her father said no and told the girl that the man should just “buck up and get a job”. They got their food and sat down. After they got settled the father got up and went to the bathroom. The young girl got up, grabbed her happy meal and took it outside to the homeless man.Her father came back to see that her happy meal was gone, he got agitated and said “Where did your food go?”, she said nothing. He asked again, more upset this time. She answered “I gave it to the man outside”.He started to reprimand her for it and she stood up on her chair ans yelled “It’s not fair that you’re yelling at me, I gave that man my food because he needs it more than I do. You and mommy have lots of money and we have lors of food at home.”An old woman walked up and handed the girl her wedding ring. She looked at the father, then back to the girl and said “You have a kind heart like my husband did. You take this as a token of my appreciation. And never lose that kindness.”Naturally, the father tried to refuse this offer. However, the old woman insisted that the child would have far more use of it than she would.I have never seen such an intense display of humanity in this city. ~ Caleb Noal

LEAVE HER ALONE – “When I was in high school, there was this girl at this restaurant that everyone used to eat at for lunch and some people were picking on her. She was slightly overweight and not really popular, so apparently that made her a prime target. I was fairly popular, so when I saw what the others were doing I went and sat with her and her friend. When the bullies passed by the table I just gave them a look that told them to leave her alone. Her and I became best friends after that and nobody ever picked on her or her friend again.” ~ Angela Death

I DO LOVE THEM - “Last night, my husband and I made 70 bag lunches for a local community center. I wrote little “I love you” cards and placed one in each bag. I don’t think those three words are said (and meant) enough, and everyone wants to know that someone loves them. I do love them, even though they are strangers to me.” ~ Leah Senona

ANGELS IN THE SNOW - “This reminds me of a day several years ago when I got stuck in the snow after dropping my daughter off at school. I was at an intersection on a slight incline, and the snow was falling quickly. It was just deep enough that I was totally stuck. I frantically tried shifting back and forth from drive to reverse, hoping to get enough momentum to move forward, but nothing. Traffic was piling up behind me and people were honking. Suddenly, two guys coming from the opposite way jumped out of their truck and asked if I needed help. They got behind me and pushed while I hit the gas, and got me moving. I was yelling “THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!” out my window as I drove away and as they were running back to their truck. I was SO appreciative of their unexpected help and said a prayer of thanks for both of them.” ~ kissingfroggz

A MEAL FOR THE POLICE - “I don’t have a pic to go with this, but I had to brag on my husband, Darrell. Last week, we were eating at a Mexican restaurant. Six cops came in and sat down, taking a break from their duties. My husband asked for their check and paid for their dinners. I was amazed by the thoughtfulness of my amazing husband! We left soon after, but I would have loved to see the looks on their faces! We don’t need credit; I just love your site and wanted to share what a wonderful husband I have.” ~ Susan

GIVING TEENAGERS A GOOD NAME – “The door bell rings this morning and I open it to find two boys from the local comprehensive. “Oh goodness, what are they after?” I think. One of the lads says “we found this on the street over there and we think it must be yours”. He’s holding my purse. I say thank you, completely taken aback and off they go. A couple of minutes later they come back the other way, having bought milk in the shop, and smile at me as I fill my car up with school bags, work bags and the kitchen sink. I dash into the house to grab some money from my hubby and chase them down the street – they were truly shocked to have been given anything but seriously lads you’re giving teenagers a good name (in our village at least!) — feeling hopeful :)” ~ Terri Russell

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