She Carried Him, now he Carries Her

A truly dedicated son…

A 62-year-old Taiwanese man has touched the hearts of many people after a photo of him carrying his mother to a hospital went viral online.

A man carried his mother around in a baby sling at the Chi Mei Medical Centre in Taiwan and the scene was snapped by an an undergraduate.

A truly dedicated son

His upload sparked an online frenzy, the hottest topic discussed online was “Who is he?”, It was finally revealed that he is 62-year-old Ding Zhu Ji, a former officer with The Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Justice based in Tainan.

Those who knew him said that Ding has always been a filial son, rejecting a promotion as he didn’t want to move to another district so that he could take care of his mom.

Ding even applied for early retirement to take care of his mother in 2007, a year after his father died.

One netizen comments: ” His act let us rediscover the bright and beautiful side in human nature, before this we already read many sad news that  son kills mother, the picture convinces me of filial son still in the world.


11 thoughts on “She Carried Him, now he Carries Her

  1. The Bible says God made man in His image. Here is a true reflection of the image of God in the loving devotion he sacrificially pours our for his mother. Precious. Sweet. Dear. Honorable. Here is the true warrior: “Leaving no one behind”!


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