1. I certainly appreciate and applaud one individual showing empathy and compassion toward another, but does it have to come at the expense of another living being’s suffering and life?

    As an ethical vegan, I can no longer separate “bacon” from the beautiful, innocent pig or chicken or cow who was before. Nor can I separate “provolone” from the heart-wrenching scene of a newly born calf being torn from his or her mother. Both cry out in despair and grief and panic. Milk comes from a grieving mother and baby.

    I, too, take comfort in another’s caring and I can take comfort in food. One of the comforts I now take is that no animal had to suffer and die for me.


        1. Beth, you are so welcome. I respect your decision to become an ethical vegan and to share a bit of your own story here, as it may inspire others to explore this further. I try to keep an open heart and open mind when faced with something new, and I admire your passion and knowledge. So, thanks, again, for sharing your comment!


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