father forgives his child's killer

Father Forgives the Green River Killer for Murdering his Daughter. Amazing Display of Human Kindness

Forgiving those who have hurt our loved ones or ourselves may be the hardest form of kindness to practice.

Green River Killer
Green River killer Gary Ridgway is led toward King County Superior Court Judge Richard Jones’s courtroom in King County Courthouse for a hearing in 2003

Nothing can be more cruel in this world than having your child brutally raped and murdered.

Robert Rule doesn’t have to wonder how that might feel – he is the father of Linda Rule, a sixteen year-old girl who was a victim of Green River serial killer Gary Ridgway.

At Ridgway’s trial, after he was convicted of murdering 49 women, Mr. Rule and family members of other victims were given the opportunity to address the killer directly.

Understandably, the suffering and anguish of those who lost loved ones was clearly on display, as one family member after another wished a painful death on Ridgway and assured the killer that an eternity in Hell awaited him.

The rape and murder of a child is an event of such horrific magnitude and power that it would surely shatter any parent, leaving them broken, bitter, and empty – with a life in ruins.

It’s hard to imagine anything strong enough to heal that kind of wound. How could anyone move forward from that kind of awful destructive grief? How could you fight such permanent darkness?

Apparently, there is a way.

It’s an unthinkably difficult path that perhaps runs counter to our most fundamental instincts – but it’s probably the only way out, and when Robert Rule spoke to Gary Ridgway, he illuminated it brilliantly.

While listening to that speech, Gary Ridgway, the hardened and angry killer, broke down and wept.  Forgiveness, it appeared, was not something he was prepared for.  Calling him a monster, that was what he was anticipating.  Forgiveness?  Probably not in a million years.

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  1. Thank you for this blog. I am a law enforcement office and I remember watching Ridgeway weeping when that father forgave him. It reminded me of that quote from the Bible, “And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness could comprehend it not.” Rule shone a brief beam of goodness on Ridgeway, and Ridgeway was totally flabbergasted by it. It was a moment in which the side of good totally triumphed over the side of evil. So thank you, Mr. Rule, for affirming my faith in the light.

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    1. Amen, Victor, it’s completely understandable that the victims’ loved ones would want to hurl hate, but it’s kindness that leads to repentance and it’s forgiveness that unleashes the power of God.


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