1. I like the references to stories and colleagues. Especially around the dinner table, kids react well to stories about their history. Just last night, we were telling a few things about Grandma and her younger sister that they did not know about and conversation flowed. As for colleagues, employees are loyal more to their colleagues than the organization they work for. In corporate life, loyalty to a company is very low and the companies killed it, by downsizing, frozen pay, and exiting people poorly out the door. People see this and remember. They stay somewhere because of mission and the folks they work with.

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing your moments of peace, solace & Joy with us! I love elderly people so much. They have great advice & stories which make you long for better days, gone by. But they also have much wisdom to share. It’s wonderful that you’re blessed with work which enriches your life. That’s worth so much more than just getting rich. God bless you.❤️

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