1. What a beautiful wonderful love story! Thank you for sharing it, good thing though the lady didn’t like her coffee black……………….but if she did and she was a lady she would have gratefully taken the coffeee and enjoy it.

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      1. That should say drunk it…..or drinken it?…I am sure that “drink” was my typo but now I am wondering if “drinken” is a word. If I were speaking I would say ” would have drinken it”….is there an English teacher in the house? LOL


  2. Reblogged this on Gentle Kindness and commented:

    Here is the story I wrote for the Kindness Blog about how the old couple I was telling you about met and fell in love.

    You are going to love this story. The lady was like a schoolgirl and blushed sweetly as she relayed this story to me.

    It is one of my favorite stories from the nursing home / assisted living world. And I have been collecting stories like these for years!


    1. Thank you for popping over to kindness blog to read this. I hope your mother in law makes good friends and cocompanions.
      The women always outnumber the men at these places, so the men have more fish in their sea, so to speak.
      Check out some other stories here. The kindness blog is always guaranteed to bring a smile:)

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