Your Invitation To 7-days Of Speaking Kindly

Dear You,

You are humbly invited to spend the next 7-days paying particular attention to the way you speak and the words you use in conversation. Whether it be a quick, passing chat with a stranger to a deep, heartfelt conversation with your best friend, these 7-days will help you to observe the way you use the vast power contained within speech.

From the moment you finish reading this post, you are challenged to minimise the following;

  1. Gossip
  2. Insults
  3. Swear Words
  4. Sarcasm
  5. Lying
  6. Exaggerating
  7. Speaking ill of others

Furthermore, you are encouraged to pay attention during every conversation, to be mindful of your intentions and to speak with kindness when possible. Remember, it is always possible.

To make the most of this exercise, not only will you need to speak well, it is equally important that you listen deeply. Please consider the following paragraph in regards to Deep Listening’;

“Deep Listening involves listening, from a deep, receptive, and caring place in oneself, to deeper and often subtler levels of meaning and intention in the other person. It is listening that is generous, empathic, supportive, accurate, and trusting. Trust here does not imply agreement, but the trust that whatever others say, regardless of how well or poorly it is said, comes from something true in their experience”. 

|You can read the rest of the deep listening article here

Please be warned. Your 7-day speaking kindly challenge is not easy by any means. However, it will be incredibly insightful for you.

Yours Sincerely, Me.

Now it begins. Enjoy.

“The difference between a smart man and a wise man is that a smart man knows what to say, a wise man knows whether or not to say it”.  ~ Frank M. Garafola


  1. I need some advice, I am a big believer in karma and kindness. My husband 2 little boys and I live currently in 2nd floor apt, we try hard to be courteous and respectful of my neighbor downstairs. But 2 little boys love to be boys too! She’s complained and let her complaints escalate out of control but how can I handle this internally without getting too sad and emotionally drained? Especial when my children are being involved now 😦


  2. Hello 🙂 Thank you for the message.

    In answer to your question, perhaps you and your neighbour could sit down together sometime, have a coffee etc and share a gentle conversation. Maybe you could even write a little note inviting them to talk about their concerns? Be the peacemaker maybe?

    I really hope things work out for you. Peace, DD.


  3. I thought about that too but I don’t think that’s possible. The law had to get involved because she escillated things too far. I will just continue sending her good vibes and prayer until she moves I guess!


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