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  1. Touch As Nutrition by John Tuite
  2. Miles and Miles of No-Man’s Land – By Libba Bray
  3. We ALL need The Village – by Lizzi Rogers
  4. Dying Man, 24, Leaves an Awesome Message That Everyone Should Read:
  5. Flower Sack Dresses From the Flour Mills (Historical Kindness)
  6. I Know You Love Me — Now Let Me Die – By Louis M. Profeta MD
  7. 35 Images of Kindness Found Within Conflict
  8. The Day I Stopped Saying Hurry Up – by Rachel Macy Stafford
  9. Dear ‘Daddy’ in Seat 16C
  10. 10 Ways to REALLY Help Someone Who Has a New Baby – by Shelly Lopez Gray (Registered nurse)
  11. These Shocking Photos Show The Scars You Can’t Normally See. And They’re Horrifying.
  12. Mindfulness is Self-Kindness
  13. 40 Ways to Practice Self-Kindness
  14. A Little Girl Wrote Google A Letter Asking To Give Her Dad A Day Off, And Google Responded
  15. The Love of a Mother and Her 3 Year-old Daughter, who Were Attacked With Acid by Their Husband/Father
  16. Police Dog Figo’s Farewell To Slain K-9 Partner
  17. 34 Examples of Heart-Warming Humanity
  18. Tom Attwater Is Dying. His Daughter Might Die, Too. The Letter He Left For Her Is Unforgettable.
  19. Child Playing the Violin at his Teacher’s Funeral
  20. Simple Subway Compassion
  21. Man Playing Piano to Riot Police
  22. Brittany Maynard is 29 years old with only 24 days left to live. On November 1st, Brittany plans to die.
  23. Pope Francis Embraces Horribly Disfigured Man
  24. “…While Waiting Tables Tonight, a Mother and Daughter Started Crying Mid-Meal…”
  25. Letter to a Nursing Student from a Nurse
  26. 40 Easy Ways To Be Kind
  27. Mother Hears her Daughter’s Heart Beat One Last Time
  28. This Kind Man Took Poverty-Stricken Children to McD With His First Salary.
  29. Woman Saved Racist From Mob
  30. Boss’s Act of Kindness Prevents a Suicide
  31. 16 Examples Showing That The World Is Full Of Good People –
  32. George Saunders’ Advice to Graduates
  33. Kindness Bridge
  34. Buddhist Monk Blesses A Dead Man


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  2. I’m so happy to have found your site. And thank you for visiting mine. I would be honored to write a piece for your blog and will be in touch soon!
    Joan Senio
    My Best Friend Adeline

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