“If you were busy being kind”

sunny day

If you were busy being kind
a poem By R. Foreman

If you were busy being kind,
Before you knew it you would find
You’d soon forget to think ’twas true
That someone was unkind to you.

If you were busy being glad
And cheering people who seem sad,
Although your heart might ache a bit,
You’d soon forget to notice it.

If you were busy being good,
And doing just the best you could,
You’d not have time to blame some man
Who’s doing just the best he can.

If you were busy being true
To what you know you ought to do,
You’d be so busy you’d forget
The blunders of the folks you’ve met.

If you were busy being right,
You’d find yourself too busy quite
To criticize your brother long,
Because he’s busy being wrong.


  1. Reblogged this on Probably All Lies and commented:
    Have you met . . . The Kindness Blog?
    I love The Kindness Blog!
    I love their mission to promote warm, fuzzy feelings.
    I love their mission poem.
    Please take the time to view it, and all their wonderful posts, at your leisure. Find a way to spread kindness today, if you can.


  2. I read a similar poem in the early 1970’s, and it had a powerful effect on my attitude about life. i memorized the poem, though i have not thought of it in a long time. I’ll look for the other version and will get bck to you if i find it.

    thanks so much for this!


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