Daughter Lifts Jeep Off Dad Pinned Underneath

An adrenaline rush and a daughter’s determination helped pull off a superhero-like rescue.

When her father, Adam, became pinned under a Jeep Liberty SUV, Rachael Simmons, 22, somehow mustered the strength to lift the car off him, CBS Boston reported.

Adam Simmons, from Plymouth Mass., had been working on the vehicle’s brakes Sunday morning when it came down on his right leg.

His daughter heard his screams, and ran outside to help

The SUV weighs anywhere between 4,000 and 5,600 pounds, making the rescue that much more impressive.

According to Adam Simmons’ Facebook page, he went to a hospital after paramedics arrived, and X-rays showed no broken bones. Doctors explained to him that if he’d been pinned down longer, artery or blood flow problems could have occurred.

In another post on Tuesday, Simmons wrote that though his leg is still heavily bruised, he’s able to walk on it. Rachael Simmons, meanwhile, suffered a sore back.

“I’m very, very grateful how it all turned out, Adam Simmons added in the post, “and to Rachael, my hero.”

Source: Huffington Post

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