Luke Rescues a Fox

Luke Rowles saves Fox

This is a picture of Luke Rowles when he was 15. He saw a group of men in a garden, kicking and beating this poor fox whose mouth they had taped up. Luke went charging into the garden with no regard for his own safety, shouted at the men and grabbed the fox. After seeing to its wounds, he released the fox. Now he continues rescuing dogs for RSDR. Brave and compassionate young man with a heart of gold.

Source: Tumblr


  1. It makes me wonder what kind of beasts would do something like that. What kind of mentality makes people want to cause pain to an innocent animal and find pleasure in this? It is sickening.
    Kudos to this kid, but I think this will be a trauma in his iife as well. So sad.


    1. Yes, I hear you. Often when I come across things like this, it reminds me that some people out there are operating under an entirely different set of moral precepts than the rest of us. I am not saying this in a ‘we’re better than them’, sense, more an observation of the way it is in the world.


      1. You know…even when there are different morals involved, I still have trouble understanding violence towards others. If someone steals from me, I get that they have different morals and REALLY want the money for their own gain, but to hurt someone or something for no apparent reason? That’s when I question how someone’s brain gets pleasure from that. It is not only disturbing to me but mind boggling. Thanks for sharing the bravery of this boy.


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