Thank *You* For Your Kindness

thank you

Dear You,

The Kindness Blog is only 4-months old and, fueled by such a great response and interest, there are already over 100 kindness based posts. Throughout these early stages of building this website we have literally been amazed and inspired by the kindness shown to us and the gracious help freely offered in creating and building this blog. As such, this is just a short note to say that we sincerely appreciate each and every one of you.

So….thank you….For reading. For your comments. For the smiles. For the Facebook Likes. For the Twitter RTs. For the constructive criticisms. For the suggested content. For your support and for sharing real kindness out there in the world.

Please keep the suggested content coming and help us to build a little oasis of peace and hope.

Yours Gratefully, Team Kindness Blog.



  1. It’s always nice to read about kind people,people are starving for acceptance and love,so thank YOU for this blog.


      1. After I posted this I got to thinking and am not sure if I found you guys, or if y’all found me, but either way, I’m here now, and so very glad to be. This site will definitely be a constant source of kindness inspiration for me from now on!

        I’m about to publish a blog post about you guys, actually (literally, less than 5 minutes from now, lol). Hope you don’t mind that I filched the video from you, but I know that people don’t always follow links, and I wanted to give them an idea of what kind of content they’d find here.


        1. Thank you so much, we’re honoured! 🙂 What a lovely thing to do for us! 🙂

          In the same regard, we are planning to input considerably more content/additional information to our ‘further reading’ section on the Kindness Blog and I wonder if we might share your blog’s information and link? If that’s okay, please do give us a one-line description we can use to go with the link! 🙂

          *Thank You* 🙂


          1. *chuckles* While I would be totally honored to be included, coming up with one line to describe my blog was hard for me, which is why my subtitle is ‘all the stuff you’ll never need to know’… it’s terrible marketing, lol… but I couldn’t think of anything else, because my content is so varied.

            I will think about it and get back to you 🙂


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