Ingenious Invention for Homeless People Brings Community Together

At one time in his life, after a divorce, Gary Pickering was homeless.

Now, Pickering is building small, portable ‘micro-houses’ for people living on the street.


They’re small, but have many of the advantages of real homes for those looking for respite from the harsh weather.

Utah Man Builds Micro Shelters for the Homeless
Utah Man Builds Micro Shelters for the Homeless

Community volunteers got together and built 40 of these shelters and they’ll deliver them to wherever the homeless people need them.

Homeless Pod

For most of us, we could never imagine living in something like this. The space is very confined and not very comfortable. But if you’re homeless, it could get you off the street. – Gary Pickering

After experiencing the stress of not having a decent place to live, Pickering says he believes every person deserves the dignity of something they can call their own. “Even if it’s only this, it’s theirs”.


He says he knows this idea isn’t for everyone who’s homeless, but for people trying to get back on their feet like he once was, he believes it can help.

“If people can find jobs of course they will move on, they will get a house back and their cars, but until then, this will help them.”

homeless no more survival pod

In addition to creating awareness about the homeless, Gary plans to donate four of his shelters to an organization in Utah County which helps the homeless.

You may contact Gary Pickering at

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