A family Took in a Orphan Deer Whose Mother Was Killed. The Family Dog Hasn’t Left Her Side.

A family took in a orphan deer whose mother was killed. The family dog hasn't left her side.

Source: Reddit [Ltbubbabear]


  1. It’s for reasons like these that I love animals so much. They are warm and loving without a second thought. If only all people were like this dog!


  2. I hope that people take care to keep acts like this anonymous. Just the other week I saw on the news where the gov’t did a ‘sting’ operation on a farm who was caring for a whitetail deer, while trying to find a park/zoo that would take it… because keeping deer is against the law, what the gov’t decided to do was burst in, guns drawn, and KILL the fawn. She was supposed to go to a park in another state the next day.

    Please, if you know someone doing this, while the stories are great to hear, please wait until after the fawn is released to share them with others, because if the state finds out, they just may kill them, or arrest the good Samaritans.


      1. No, just make sure there’s no identifying information, or location information of where the people are who have the fawn.

        I was heartbroken when I heard the story I referred to in my first comment… such senseless cruelty. These people should be commended for what they are doing, but until the fawn is safe, make sure all info that may allow them to be located are kept silent, at least until the fawn is safely out of danger! 🙂


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