“While I was near death and hospitalized…”

Reddit User, ‘ImpossiblyBossy’ wrote, “While I was near death and hospitalized, my fiance slept like this, and never left my side.”

while i was near death and hospitalised

Another Reddit user, ‘Torbear90’, replied…“There’s a woman who’s been in the ICU of my hospital for 24 days straight at this point with her husband, brother and 4 kids pretty much camped out in the waiting room, alternating who gets to hold her hand for the next hour. It’s heartbreakingly beautiful that they are so dedicated and the staff is doing their best to give them as much comfort and access to her as reasonably allowable because her vitals show a significant amount of improvement when someone holds her hand. You can’t prescribe love and dedication, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t a potent drug. Take care, friend; you are loved.”

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