The Good Samaritan, One Dead Battery and a Note

jump start a batteryReddit User, ‘Munch-L’, posted the following;

Let the good far outweigh the evil. Found placed on a Toyota Camry that had its interior dome/map light on after 11:00pm:

“It appears that you left one of your interior lights on. I happened to notice it while I was enjoying a cigar outside. In the old days, people used to leave their cars unlocked so a kind stranger could turn the lights off for the owner, but sadly, we don’t live like that anymore. What I CAN do for you is offer you a jump if your battery happens to be dead the next time you go to start your car. I have a Power Dome power source, so another car nor jumper cables are required. It’s easy. If you need help, give me a call and say you’re the owner of the Toyota; I’ll know who you are. If I’m at home, I’ll help you. Ask for Mike:

The Good Samaritan, Mike”


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