Injured Farmer and His Awesome Neighbors

Joe Becker, Injured Montana Farmer, Finds Out How Just How Awesome His Neighbors Are

A group of farmers from Rudyard, Mont., are reminding us what it really means to love your neighbors.

Local farm owner Joe Becker broke both of his legs earlier this year after falling 12 feet while helping his son build a cabin, the Havre Daily News reports. The accident occurred around the time when Becker would have had to harvest his crops, but his injuries left him bedridden in the hospital.

“I knew I had good neighbors, but you really find out what kind of neighbors you have in a time like this,” he told Havre Daily.

Fourteen of Becker’s neighbors and friends told him not to worry, assembled their equipment and took over harvesting his crops.

“To have those combines lined up like they were cutting their own crops was great,” Becker said. “Once they got together, nobody had to tell anybody what to do or ask anybody to do anything. They just did it.”

Source: Huffington Post


    1. Yes, so true. I remember reading a quote somewhere once, which I can’t find right now, but was something like…”in just a moment we can easily find out what is happening in China, but might have no idea what is happening with our next-door neighbour”.


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