Loving 2-year-old Does the Chewing for his Paralyzed Mom

Loving 2-year-old does the chewing for his paralyzed mom

It was the sound of her toddler son playing beside her that greeted Zhang Rongxiang when she woke from the coma she’d been in for 2 1/2 years after a horrible car crash in Jiangsu Province, China. That was a happy surprise all the way around: Doctors had told her husband that she’d never recover, and Zhang had never met her son — he was delivered by cesarean section five months after the 2010 accident. Now Gao Qianbo is his mother’s most devoted caregiver. Though paralyzed, she is able to swallow, so her son chews her food and lovingly feeds it to her mouth to mouth. With Zhang back at home, the family survives mainly on government subsistence with some support from relatives and friends.

Source: now.msn.com


  1. What a beautiful story! Not only did she wake after being in a coma for so long, after the doctors said she wouldn’t, but her child survived, thrived, and is returning the gift of life and sustenance.


  2. Oh, the not so obvious lesson:

    No matter what the ‘experts’ in the white coats tell you, NEVER give up hope. They are not Gods, they are not infallible, all-knowing beings who have the ability to see when your journey is over.


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