Blind Dog Living in a Trash Pile


  1. May we all be touched with kindness and compassion for all of us with no voice or way to help ourselves. I pray this nation and the world will awaken to a new dawn of love and caring, to spread peace and healing. God bless those who go out of their way to care.


  2. In the video, one moment she is pronounced blind and then it says she can see for the first time. What took place? How does a blind dog see again? I’m happy as heck but the transition was somewhat of a confusing shock.
    Glad she’s been rescued and adopted. I sometimes think I prefer animals to people anyway.


  3. touched me to my soul..we have rescue dogs, so this was special…have to admit I first cried to see her in such a poor way,but as the video progressed it reminded me there are good people in our world that take care of those that can’t speak…thank you for sharing:-)


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