“…All They Cared About was Girls and Getting Drunk…”


frat boys feed a homeless man


  1. What an inspirational story. Sometimes we look at people and make a judgement based on the group they belong to rather than getting to know the individual. We can be surprised if we take the time to get to know people and not judge them simply based on what they look like or what group they belong to. Be blessed today and bless someone else!


  2. I love this on so many levels… I wish that all fraternities and sororities would begin to turn ‘hell week’ into ‘kindness week’, and instead of seeing who can take the most humiliation, they should see who can dish out the most kindness. Not only would this completely revamp their images, but it would put such a tremendous outpouring of kindness into and around our colleges and universities, that would ripple out in so many ways.

    Maybe one day…

    One can hope, right?


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