Knight’s Daughter Heals Everyone After the Joust with Fairy Kisses

Knight's daughter heals everyone after the joust with fairy kisses


  1. You don’t know how much I love this blog:) I’m sorry if I’m jamming up your blog with so many notifications from liking 20+ posts – I’m just feeling worn out from a stressful study period and I’m afraid I won’t be able to graduate since it took longer this time round to complete my final lot of assignments than usual. My sister and I took turns caring for our elderly father for most of the year (on top of our studies, part-time jobs and household duties) after he suffered from on-going and at times, very painful bouts with gaut; Last month, he was at his lowest point in his life when the medication he took to treat his gaut triggered a painful reaction in his stomach, causing internal bleeding and tearing his stomach lining. He spent two weeks in hospital before he was able to come home where my sister and I did our best to nurse him to good health. He is fine now and on his feet again, although my sister and I would remind him to sit down and relax every time he worries or stresses over things, particularly about us. I’ve always worried about him more than myself and although education is important to me, family is a part of my me that I will never let go or forget. The Knight’s daughter’s actions is a reflection of the love and bond her own father shares with her, and this resonates with me completely.


    1. Hey Kate 🙂

      We love to be jammed with notifications!!! 🙂 Keep on jamming 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your recent experiences in looking after your poorly father. It sure sounds like he has two amazing daughters. Hoping he is okay…

      Peace to you and yours.

      Team KB


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