7-Year-Old Donates $10 to Family On Food Stamps

Here is $10 from me.
The note reads: Hi Essence, Here is $10 from me. You can go to the grocery stor and buy wat you want. I like ice cream and sprinkls. Sincerely: Helaina.”

When Helaina Morgan learned that a mom in Syracuse., N.Y., needed food stamps to feed her family, the 7-year-old went straight to her piggy bank.

She’d heard the story of single mom Meghan Fry from her own mother, Roberta, who’d read about Fry’s struggles in the Post Standard.

“When I told [Helaina] that this family usually didn’t have extra money to buy ice cream, cookies or gummies, she actually gasped,” Morgan told Syracuse.com, “then asked me if we could bring them some food.”

Morgan told her that’d be difficult to do. She decided to send Fry a gift card for extra groceries, but Helaina wanted to act, too. So the 7-year-old gathered up $10 and penned a letter to Fry’s 3-year-old daughter, Essence.

Source: Huffington Post


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