This is Dan

this is Dan
Redditor, ‘wtfarubberduck’, wrote: This is Dan. Every Wednesday and Thursday, he heads to local Cancer Centers and purchases a cup of coffee for each patient, nurse, doctor and everyone in between — straight from his own pocket.

Another Redditor commented, ‘ProfExer’ commenented on the photo and gave some of the back story;

“my parents were two of the many people that kind, generous man brought coffee to during my father’s struggle against multiple myeloma (a blood borne cancer). His thoughtfulness always made my parents day, and I have donated money through that Starbucks for his coffee runs.

Why does he do it, because his father was a chemo patient in that clinic. His father was treated so well by the staff, and he started out by bring coffee in for his father and others and it spread from there. If you knew the staff of that clinic, the physicians, nurses, the office staff, you would know how kind and wonderful they are to the patients.


      1. lol, thanks! I love coffee too, particularly frappuccino.

        Eh, I guess I’ll just take the kind that is supplemented with health benefits, like brands laced with reishi mushroom.


        1. Hmmmm, frappuccino!!! 🙂 Thing is, I’ve just gone 8-days with no coffee, or, in fact, caffeine of any description! I actually had withdrawals and such a bad headache! All better now though 🙂

          So…reishi mushrooms….can you also eat them ?


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