A Dying Mother’s Wish is Granted

A MOTHER'S WISH IS GRANTED: A MOTHER’S WISH IS GRANTED: Becky Swales was battling terminal breast cancer. After learning their mother only had weeks to live, her three daughters all moved their weddings to yesterday. Becky passed away this morning, just 12 hours after the wedding. 

Sources:  Fox 5 & Suspended Coffees



  1. Really sweet! My mother was dying of breast cancer, and my sister’s forever boyfriend just needed a nudge (from me) to be willing to face his fears and take the plunge to make a dying woman happy. They’ve been married for twenty-five years now, and have no regrets, but they were especially glad to have done it when they did, because our mom went to her grave knowing that my sister would indeed have the protection and security that a permanent and official marriage can provide.
    To have a triple wedding is spectacular, and must have made their mom very happy–I am sure it will be a lifelong bond for all concerned. I wish them all the very best.


  2. Aww this is beautiful. The Girls are so beautiful and I’m happy for their family that the mom was able to witness them all coming together in love. <3. My heart goes out to them in their loss and grief. Thank You for sharing! I found this because GYA reblogged it.


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