“…She Had Finally Left her Abusive Husband of 20-Years”

I helped a woman out a few months ago. Today I came in to work and was handed this. Teared up hardcore

Redditor, ‘eggmarie’, shared the photo above and wrote:

A couple months ago, I was driving back to work from my lunch break when I saw a woman with multiple bags and a cane walking in the 90 degree heat. I stopped to ask if she needed a ride. She accepted my offer and on the way to her location she told me her story.

She had finally left her abusive husband of 20 years and was now living in a battered women’s shelter with her two sons (10 and 13). Her husband had left her with permanent physical and mental disabilities. She was trying her hardest to feed her boys but her minimum wage job as a janitor wasn’t helping since she could barely afford the bus fare to get there. Her boys were threatening to find their dad and bring him to her if she didn’t get her act together. She was on her way to a local hospital because they were running a food drive. I gave her my number, pointed out my workplace and told her to call me or come get me after my work shift so I could take her home.

She called me shortly after I was off. I ran and picked up some food and some cash to help her afford the bus pass and when I gave it to her, she nearly cried. After I took her home I told her to call me and keep me updated. Well today I came into work and my coworkers told me I had a visitor but sadly wasn’t working. But she had left a note. I pretty much teared up reading it. Knowing that, months later, this woman remembers me because I touched her life in such a way just warms my cold black heart


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