A New Perspective For Moms (Please Be Kind to Yourselves)


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, I also had a wonderful Mom. I was so blessed, Mom’s are so wonderful, I first noticed my wife because she was a single Mom of a 6 yr old boy who’s dad had committed suicide 2 yrs before when he was 4. What I noticed first about Kathy was about how good of a Mom she was and through all the hardships she was having she was still a loving Mom first. If she had been a woman who didn’t care for or mistreated Jeff I could never have asked her to marry me because Mom’s are special people and bringing Kathy and Jeff into my life is the best decision I have ever made outside of becoming a Christian. Thank you very much for posting this video, it was an excellent view.



  2. What can I say? I cried my eyes out. I would love the opportunity to hear my kids say good things about me. But, I would love the opportunity to still be able to call Mom and hear her say that she loves me too.


    1. Once our loved ones names are written in stone we can no longer have any of those special moments. When we can no longer pick up the phone or just stop in and see someone, then we can see how petty some of the obstructive issues were between you and that person, this only deepens our remorse. As the old song goes, love while you still can, because tomorrow may never come, and then, it is to late.



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