Hero Dog Saved Abandoned Baby Jade

baby saved by dog
Jade in hospital and Roger Wilday with Jade the German Shepherd who found the baby

A grandad whose dog discovered an abandoned baby in a Birmingham park spoke about the amazing pet rescue and said: “We were just in the right place at the right time.”

Roger Wilday, 68, was walking German Shepherd Jade in Stechford when she inexplicably raced to bushes, then lay down next to what looked like a discarded carrier bag – and refused to return to him.

As the pensioner moved closer he realised what the loyal family pet had discovered: a newborn baby, who has now been named after her four-legged rescuer.

Roger said: ‘‘I walked over and saw a carrier bag – then I saw it move. I thought it was a bag of kittens, but then I saw her little arms and a head, and the baby started to cry.’

The little girl was taken to Heartlands Hospital where staff named her after hero pet Jade.

On Friday pictures and video were released of the six-pound baby , who was said to be “alert, happy and contented” as she continues to recover.

Source: birminghammail.co.uk


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  1. Sometimes the members of the animal world show more compassion that their human companions. This shows how low some humans can stoop too.


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