Zookeeper’s Last Moments with Brownie the Bison

Today I witnessed a death of a Bison in the zoo
‘jeonger’ wrote: “Today I witnessed a death of a Bison in the zoo. Zookeeper thought that Bison would like it to see the light of the day for the last time, listening to the memories they shared together. The name of the Bison was Brownie. She was 23 years old, had a terrible tumor on her hind legs. I watched him petting and talking to her for 3 hours and later when she finally passed away, he sobbed for few minutes and told me her name.
He has taken care of her for 5 years since he started working at the zoo and was the only Bison which accepted his care from the beginning. RIP Brownie and thanks for sharing the story Mr.zookeeper



  1. A reply to the Kindness that the man on the Subway in NY showed the young man that fell asleep on his shoulder! I am telling you’all that most Americans will most of the time Help their Fellow man! I had never heard otherwhise until Pres. Obama suggested that most Americans do not!! Sorry I think that he just had a lapse of FAITH!!


    1. Hi Mike,

      I agree and do think that most people would help their fellow man. However, I also suspect that, to some degree, the mainstream media distorts our view by painting the world as a picture filled with war, death, rape, corruption and disaster. In actual fact, in our opinion, the good far outweighs the bad 🙂


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