Persistence and Love

Nick Sireau
After Nick Sireau, 40 of the UK, discovered that both of his sons were born with a genetic degenerative disease known as alkaptonuria (AKU), or black bone disease, he quit his job as the head of a charity to devote all his energy to finding a cure. The disease, which is very rare, is known to weaken bones and makes them black, while triggering heart disease, osteoarthritis, pain and kidney failure.
But now after founding the Alkaptonuria Foundation and after three years of tireless working, Sireau said he has found a cure. The group now will begin conducting clinical trials for a drug, which will be supplemented by a £5million grant from the European Commission.
“We’ve found an amazing treatment, a drug called nitisinone,” Sireau told the BBC. “If given early enough in life to sufferers, it’s effectively a cure.”
(Photo via the Mirror)


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