The Violinist

The Violinist
“I came home yesterday afternoon, parked my car outside my apartment and immediately heard violin music coming from the apartment complex across the street. I thought it was nice that someone left the window open for us outside to hear, but when I had all my belongings in hand and started towards the gate of my apartment complex, I followed the music to the top of the apartment building across the street. A young man (boy?) was sitting on the roof playing his violin! I stood there and watched him play from song to song. Then I went inside and you could still hear him playing. I closed my eyes, listened and smiled. He was very talented, and he played all these songs he knew by heart. I was so thankful that this stranger could bring such beautiful music to so many other strangers…or technically neighbors. He sat on the roof and played for well over an hour.
(Photo/Story via Heather Schultz)


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