“…We learned and Lived by the Motto That You Reach Out and Help Others”

A man who risked his life to rescue a kangaroo in Queensland’s floods.
Helping hand: Ray Cole carries the injured joey to safety.
A WILDLIFE warrior who risked his life to rescue a kangaroo in Queensland’s floods is a former Melbourne resident who left Victoria because he “couldn’t stand the weather”. Ray Cole, a father of five, was cheered by onlookers but threatened with arrest by police when he waded into turgid waters to pluck the drowning joey to safety. Mr Cole said “he couldn’t stand there and watch our coat of arms just drown”. “When I was growing up on the streets of Preston we learned and lived by the motto that you reach out and help others,” Mr Cole said. Mr Cole, 39, was among about 50 people gathered at Ipswich’s One Mile Bridge who saw the distressed young animal out of its depth in the fast-flowing torrent.
Picture: Villiers Nick De Source: HWT Image Library


  1. I remember this picture at the time of the floods. We often have photos of our native animals being helped or rescued in one way or another, whether it be from floods of bushfires (what a country we live in!), especially koalas.


  2. As a Victorian, I’m shocked this young man would dislike our weather, but I’m really glad he was there in QLD to save that young joey. We bring ’em up good in Melbourne. 😀


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