Ring of Roses

free ring from a stranger -  kindness
“tolivethrough-hell”, wrote:
“This woman came into bagel time today, and while I was making her bagel I complimented her on her beautiful rings. She thanked me and we continued to talk. After I rang her up she took one of her rings off to show me, then told me to try it on. I obliged and put it on, at which point she says “oh perfect fit! It’s your’s!” I was shocked and tried to give it back but she just smiled and said “hey it doesn’t fit me, keep it.” And speed walks out the door before I could refuse. It’s people like her that restore my faith in humanity, and shows just how genuine some people can be. Thank you, to the kind stranger who gave me her ring, you’ve inspired me to be just as kind to people I don’t know.”

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