“…The Food Was Grate”

little girl writes note for kind stranger that paid for her meal - kindness
‘nihon-rokku-otaku’, wrote:
“So this absolutely made my day!! Especially when I was feeling a little down too… This woman and her two adorable little girls came in to the burrito place I work at and I made their food. Then the woman came back to order desserts but there was a man in line before them so while he paid, she went to the washroom. He then hands me money to pay for the woman’s order and leaves!!! The woman came out to this surprise and said it made her day!! Then, just as they’re leaving, the one little girl comes up to me and hands me this drawing! ^^^ I almost wanted to cry because that made MY day too, and I probably looked crazy to the next few customers because of how much I smiled! Me and my co-worker then proceeded to pin it up on the bulletin board in the back, heehee! This just goes to show that random acts of kindness can make anyone’s day, and affects everyone around them! I’m still smiling about it!”


  1. There is so much good, and kindness in this world. Often the little stories like this mean the most, and sadly, are seldom heard! Thank you for posting this. Love it!


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