Book on a Bench

she left a book on a bench for someone to find - random act of kindness
LiDi wrote:
“I left my book on a bench after resting there for a little while. I was a little worried about leaving a book outside because what if it would rain and get all wet and soaked? But I just casually put it down and walked away without looking back. I hope someone enjoys reading it! x “


  1. I recently found a book in Hyde Park in London. I was super excited, because it was a Nick Hornby book that I thought I hadn’t read. I brought it back to the hotel room and realized that I had read it about ten years ago! I wrote a nice email to the person who had left the book and let them know that I was returning it to the same bench the next day for another person to be surprised!


  2. Done it twice by accident. Leaving a brand new unread book in the pocket of the chair before me when leaving an aeroplane. It takes a bit of time to change the feeling of loosing a great book into that of an act of kindness done without knowing it 🙂


  3. FOUND A BOOK IN KISSIMMEE FLORIDA AT THE LOOP ! FELT LIKE I WAS STEALING THE BOOK AT FIRST UNTILL I READ INSIDE COVER. My mother being a very vigorous reader. Was the person I thought of. I gave her the book which she’s really enjoying Thanks for the thought my mother will be passing it on when she’s finished!


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