“…Do a Random Act of Kindness – Pass It On”

Syma Chowdhry - act of kindness
Kind CBS Philly Reporter, Syma Chowdhry [@SymaChowdhry] tweeted this great photo and wrote:
“Performed a random act of kindness in honor of Dad. Gave $ to a musician I pass by often. Do a #rak – pass it on!”


  1. What I am going to say, I am and I believe probably most everyone else is guilty of doing. When we in our day to day lives come upon a situation where someone could use a little help (and it doesn’t always have to be money), and helping them really would not even be an inconvenience, but yet we just walk/drive, on by. Why do we at times act like this, is it laziness, is it an inner coldness?—I wonder what the Lord is going to say to us about such things?



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