Jessie Kuehl Couldn’t Afford To Visit Her Father’s Grave, So A Group Of Complete Strangers Went Instead

Jessie Kuehl Couldn't Afford To Visit Her Father's Grave, So A Group Of Complete Strangers Went Instead

November 5 marked the 40th anniversary of Jessie Kuehl’s father’s death. She wanted to visit his grave in Moncton, Canada to memorialize the day, but the 54-year-old couldn’t afford to travel from her home in Ontario.

“The anniversary made me feel bad because I’m the age now he was when he died,” Kuehl told CBC.

In an attempt to still pay homage to her father, Kuehl posted a classified ad, asking if someone in the area was willing to visit her father’s grave in her absence.

Dozens of people responded to the ad, and some even tried to pool money to fly Kuehl out so she could visit herself. More than 20 people visited the grave, many leaving flowers and memorabilia.

“I’m totally still in shock about the number of people that have responded to one little ad,” Kuehl told The Huffington Post. “People are so kind.”

“This really touched my heart,” she continued. “No one has gone to visit his grave for over 30 years, and now he’s getting all these visitors and beautiful flowers!”

Kuehl said she hopes to return the favor some day.

“If anyone knows someone special in Ontario they want me to visit,” Kuehl told HuffPost, “I would be more than happy to do that for them.”

(Sources: Huffington Post and Daily Saint)

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