“…Giving Teenagers a Good Name.”

‘Terri Russell’ graciously shared this lovely random act of kindness that happened to her today:
“The door bell rings this morning and I open it to find two boys from the local comprehensive. “Oh goodness, what are they after?” I think. One of the lads says “we found this on the street over there and we think it must be yours”. He’s holding my purse. I say thank you, completely taken aback and off they go. A couple of minutes later they come back the other way, having bought milk in the shop, and smile at me as I fill my car up with school bags, work bags and the kitchen sink. I dash into the house to grab some money from my hubby and chase them down the street – they were truly shocked to have been given anything but seriously lads you’re giving teenagers a good name (in our village at least!) — feeling hopeful :)”


  1. Love this post. Yes, there are good kids out there, and sometimes they get a bad rap. I work at the library, and whenever someone drops something inappropriate in the book- drop everyone rolls their eyes and says, “teenagers”. C’mon everybody, How do we know it wasn’t a roving band of Dads?


    1. I was in the park with my four year old grandson who was hiding behind some bushes with a stick imaging he was shooting walkers on a path below. Two teen boys were running down the path and saw what he was doing.They both fell down when they saw him pretend to shoot at them. The look on my grandson’s face was too funny to describe. The two teenagers were the greatest.


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