A Question For Kindness Blog Readers

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Hey πŸ™‚

As you can see, we’re trying out a new website design, BUT we’re sat here scratching our heads because we can’t decide if we prefer it to the old one, or not!!!

Please help us confused souls out by advising if this design/theme is better than the previous one? Should we swap back? What say you?

Any and all advice, criticism, sarcasm and guidance is warmly received!

Thank you

Team Kindness Blog



  1. It is not the style…it is the content,
    however, the new format is easy on the eyes.
    Is it easier on your end, re: ease of posting and etc.????
    PS , your content is great.
    Love, hugs and blessings…ME and the Boss


  2. bigger print, 50% wear glasses, red is too sharp, a little softer, and no more than seven buttons on the top of the page. simple works, clarity, ease of navagation essential for new users, don’t over stuff the page, great web spot, best of luck. i’m going to develop my own page in the new year, hope i can learn from yours


  3. I like the overall look of this, I think it will be more attractive to newcomers. However, I really prefer the old version in terms of reading multiple posts without having to click through different pages and waiting for them to load. When I was new and first found this site, I went all the way back to the beginning and read every single post. I think that would be much more cumbersome to do now.


    1. Additionally, the older version gave a greater impression of the post from first glance. I have no idea what to expect when seeing them lined up this way. Just my two cents!


    2. Hi LB πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the detailed input.

      You’ve highlighted a concern we have, in that more clicking is now required to view the content. On the flip-side it is now possible to view a larger selection of content in a smaller area of the screen’s real estate.


      Hoping you are well.



  4. I preferred the old one. The house and sun were so lovely and cheerful. I find the new style jarring and red too harsh. But it seems I am in the minority. Whatever you choose, I will get used to it and happily keep reading! Thank you for the kindness of asking.


  5. Hi guys, I prefer the old one too, the colour was softer on the eyes.
    Although this format is clearer it also feels a little cold and business-y to me, The Kindness Blog should feel all warm and comforting to read. Maybe try the colour orange, it can be bold and soft at the same time?


          1. It’s my pleasure, I’ve been visiting your blog everyday since I found it, no reason why I can’t help out a bit πŸ™‚

            Beautiful, yea I really like this colour, it’s pleasing to the eye.



  6. I love the new one, too. Just a request, tho.

    Could you possibly divide the anonymous acts of kindness, from those submitting their own acts? Meaning, those who want to share how they, themselves, have done nice things for people.

    I much prefer the random part of this, where we see something that was unexpected, etc.

    I hope that makes sense lol

    Good work πŸ™‚


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