Can you help find Faith?

find faith letter

Bosses at a Cambridge, [UK] department store are searching for a 5-year-old girl who sent them money in the post after breaking a Christmas bauble.

The youngster – known only as Faith – accidentally knocked the fragile decoration to the ground at John Lewis in St Andrew’s Street on Saturday.

She felt so guilty about it that she penned a letter of apology with two pound coins stuck to it with sellotape.

In it, she wrote: “I’m sorry I broke a Christmas bauble on Saturday. It cost two pounds. Here is the money for it. Sorry again.”

She signed the letter, “Faith. Aged 5.”

Dominic Joyce, head of John Lewis Cambridge, took to Twitter in a bid to thank the little girl.

He tweeted: “@johnlewisretail the cutest letter sent to JL Cambridge. There is no address so we wanted to thank Faith on Twitter!”

It has led to Twitter using the phrase ‘#FindFaith’ in the hope of getting the message to the girl and her family.



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