Just Returned From The Emergency Vet.

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‘loveandletlive09’ wrote:

-Just returned from the emergency vet. Lost my good friend, but witnessed one of the most incredible displays of human kindness I have ever seen.-

“It’s a bit of a long story, but I’m less than an hour out of this whole incident right now and I just need to let it out.

My grandmother’s cat hadn’t been able to urinate all day and was becoming increasingly uncomfortable and upset. We decided it probably constituted an emergency and rushed him to the 24-hour vet, where several hundred dollars’ worth of tests revealed that he had a blocked urinary tract and his bladder was swollen to the point of rupturing, as well as his kidneys being badly damaged.

We were told that a $2,000 surgery might save him, but that he would have permanently compromised organ function and would need extra care, special food and regular vet visits for the rest of his (poorer quality) life. My grandmother lives off Social Security, and my mother is a school teacher; I knew as soon as the vet started talking what the outcome was going to end up being. We deliberated for a while, my mother and grandmother tried every way they could think of to rearrange and reallocate money, but there was no way we could afford it.

Neither my mom nor grandma could handle staying with him, but I couldn’t let him go all alone, scared and in pain. I stayed by his side, scratching in his favorite spot under his chin and stroking his head while they dosed him. He purred, stretched out his front paws and kneaded the sleeve of my hoodie as he gradually fell asleep.

As we stood in the lobby filling out the last of the paperwork, a family ran in with a bloodied mess of a dog wrapped in an old t-shirt. Their neighbor’s dog had escaped and completely torn theirs apart. I watched as the vets took the dog into the back, leaving its tearful owners behind. A woman came in from the back and explained to the family that their dog was in critical condition and it would be very expensive to save it. As they looked over the pricing sheet, the wife broke down in sobs and the husband shook his head in resignation. The whole lobby was deathly quiet as we shared in this family’s pain.

Then, a young couple (seriously no more than 25 years old) who had just come out of the back with a tiny puppy stood up, walked to the counter, and said “We’d like to help them. How much can we pay to get their dog triaged and start its treatment?”. And then, the guy got out his credit card and paid to help save this family’s dog. The young woman put her arm around the dog’s sobbing owner and comforted her.

Fellow Redditors, I have never seen such an incredible act of selflessness and compassion. This young couple had just paid who knows how much to have their own pet treated. They had never seen these people before. But they unhesitatingly gave as much as they could to prevent a family from being broken. For the first time in a long time, I felt totally awed by the humanity of total strangers.

I really just wanted to get this off my chest, so if you’ve read this far, thanks for listening. And if you find yourself in a position to show random kindness to a stranger, I ask that you think about it. I’ll be looking for ways I can do the same, in remembrance of my buddy Rosco, who I will miss very much.”

How beautiful x


  1. Reblogged this on Rise Like Air and commented:
    Recently one of our dogs was horribly injured by another animal. We too were faced with a decision and a budget. We told the vet that we could only afford a certain amount and I was sure that we’d receive the phone call saying that the bill would be more. I know for a fact that what they did for our family member was far more than what we could afford, but when the call came they said he was out of surgery and they thought there was a really good chance he’d heal, even though they’d never before treated the kind of wounds he had. I was terrified to pick him up wondering how I was gong to pay that bill. When I got there the bill was for almost exactly what I’d said I could afford plus tax. After 8 weeks, he’s just about back to his old self. KIndness comes in all forms.


  2. Thank you for sharing. It is uplifting to hear about people who are willing to help out others in a time of need. Especially when it includes helping an animal. 🙂


  3. What a beautiful act of kindness and love for a fellow human being, though a stranger. Thank you for sharing this story. What a blessing! I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your grandmother’s cat. i thought it was a special act of love for you to stay with the frightened cat as he went to sleep. I’m sure that could not have been easy to do.


  4. I am in tears reading this. Too many times I have held and comforted one of my cats when it was time for them to go. The fact that you were right there, holding and comforting Rosco was a sweet act of incredible kindness. He knew right until he fell asleep that he was loved and cared for, and what better way to go?

    I am always so touched by stories like these, and especially when others can help out during such a stressful time. Please know how important this post is; it reminds us to where we can and as we can.

    Please also know that where Rosco is now, he is grateful to you and is happy, comfortable, peaceful; you will see him again.

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