The Power of Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness
The father of a car accident victim hugging Takunda Mavima, a drunk-driving teen who caused a crash. His son, Tim See, was friends with Takunda and chose to ride in the car with him.
In a moving address to the court, both the sister and the father of victim Tim See spoke on behalf of Mavima, urging the judge to give him a light sentence.
“I am begging you to let Takunda make something of himself in the real world — don’t send him to prison and get hard and bitter, that boy has learned his lesson a thousand times over and he’ll never make the same mistake again,” Lauren See said in court.

5 thoughts on “The Power of Forgiveness

  1. I would love to hear as to whether their comments made a difference as to the sentence the young man received. May the judge have been moved by their comments, and may Takunda have learned a lesson that no amount of prison time could equally accomplish.


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