It’s Snow Problem

men helping people and cars stuck in the snow
‘crazypitbull_lady101’ wrote:
“This was amazing to see so many guys right out of church hoping out to help others who were having hard times in the snow! Props to my hubby for being one of the awesome bunch!! And Alyssa and I were content watching and waiting in the car”


  1. This reminds me of a day several years ago when I got stuck in the snow after dropping my daughter off at school. I was at an intersection on a slight incline, and the snow was falling quickly. It was just deep enough that I was totally stuck. I frantically tried shifting back and forth from drive to reverse, hoping to get enough momentum to move forward, but nothing. Traffic was piling up behind me and people were honking. Suddenly, two guys coming from the opposite way jumped out of their truck and asked if I needed help. They got behind me and pushed while I hit the gas, and got me moving. I was yelling “THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!” out my window as I drove away and as they were running back to their truck. I was SO appreciative of their unexpected help and said a prayer of thanks for both of them.


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