That Special Place in Hell

trying to unlock the wrong car - kindness
Hope Harold wrote:
“When you spend a solid ten minutes trying to get into your car only to get help from a nice guy walking by noticing your emotional state asking you if you tried the car next to it…seriously there is a special place in hell for those who park their same model, year and color car next to mine.”


  1. I had a rental car this past week – white, mid-size. I never realized how all the white mid-sized cars look alike. I tried in two different parking lots to get into someone else’s car! So glad the owners weren’t around (although I’m sure those Starbucks customers got a good laugh out of it in the one parking lot)!


  2. Always have a key fob with the car alarm button on it…hubby refers to it as the “Handy-Dandy-Parking-Lot-Vehicle-Locator-Device’!!


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