The Colour/s of Kindness?

Hello Friends,

Please place your vote at the 2013 Kindness Blog Color Elections. This blog has thus far been red and white, has also been pumpkin orange and white and now we’re a kind of pale orange and grey…Yes, this is a little silly and we really should make a final decision. Team Kindness Blog is plainly a bunch of happy, but disagreeable, fools and we simply cannot agree on which color best represents the theme of this blog…Kindness. Does kindness even have a color? What say you?


Thank you.

Lucy, Mike & Curtis – Team Kindness Blog


      1. the eyes never lie, it’s why it’s dangerous to expose little ones you very loud images on TV, it programs them, and it’s been done for years, happy days, check the image on my blog, it’s not a painting it’s a photo, bless you


  1. Hello,
    For me, kindness will be soft-pink also known as baby-pink. It’s soft but subtle. It’s light but distinct that it isn’t white. It’s silent but not absent. It’s elegant beauty (meaning it is beauty without screaming a hot colour). It’s not cold and it’s not hot, it’s just right.
    To me, it’s the most relatable colour to babies (male & female) and babies are innocent and by nature so kind. To me, the colour of kindness is soft-pink.

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