Teenager Buys £600 of Food Then gives it to Families in Need

jordan cox, Teenager Buys £600 of Food Then gives it to Families in Need

A teenager who collected hundreds of coupons bought almost £600 of shopping for just 4p – and then gave the food away to needy families.
‘Extreme couponer’ Jordan Cox scoured magazines and websites to collect discount vouchers for everyday products.
Armed with 470 coupons, Jordan then went to his local Tesco and filled three trolleys with food and household items.
His bill came to £572.16 and Jordan had a nervous hour-long wait at the checkout as he presented his discount vouchers. But even he was stunned when – after his coupons were deducted from the bill – his new total stood at just 4p, a saving of 99.81 per cent.
The original bill for Jordan’s shop was almost as tall as him – 6ft 4in.
Jordon, of Brentwood, Essex, said: ‘I read an article that said a 1,000th of the UK population are unable to eat this Christmas because they don’t have any money.
‘I decided wanted to help as many people as I can, and to also show that it’s possible to shop very cheaply, if you know how.
‘It’s not an exact science, so you can never really work out ahead of time how much the total is going to be. I was stunned when it came up as just 4p.’
Jordon donated his shop to the charity Doorstep, which gives food to disadvantaged families.
The super saver is now planning to start his own coupon-hunting website next year.
Source: Metro.co.uk


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