Truly Amazing Teacher

The greatest life lesson ever taught in a matter of 10 minutes by an extraordinary man! Must watch!


  1. I work for a gentleman who raised his son from birth to death. His son was severely handicapped with cerebral palsy, confined to a chair, and emotionally and intellectually challenged. he was the sweetest human I ever knew.

    The love Jack displayed toward his son Brian, is absolutely on par with this gentleman…i am so lucky to have known/know him–and Brian, the son, especially so.

    We lost Brian in July.

    Thank you for showing me the inside workings of a selfless man. It’s hard to get Jack to open up about it all.


    1. Hey,

      Thank you for sharing your own tender experience with us all. It’s very much appreciated and so sorry to hear of your loss.

      Hoping you are well and Jack can find a way to open up when he is ready/able.

      Peace to you and a Merry Christmas 🙂

      Mike, Lucy & Curtis
      Team KB


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