Hunt For Mystery Wealthy Man Who Posed as Beggar

Hunt for mystery wealthy man who posed as beggar and rewarded strangers who give him change  - yogi omar
Yogi Omar was so cash-strapped, he almost didn’t stop to help a homeless man begging for small change.
But when the 30-year-old offered to buy the panhandler food on Thursday night, he was stunned by the man’s response.
The scruffy street-sleeper refused Omar’s offer – and instead asked the Vancouver man what he could do for him.
The man revealed he wasn’t a beggar and wanted to repay Omar’s kindness
He gave Omar $469 in cash to cover his January rent
The mystery man is rewarding random acts of kindness towards those in need as part of an annual family tradition.
The man, who Omar described as a Caucasian in his 50s wearing a plaid shirt, refused to give his name.
‘He said, ‘That’s part of the deal, I have to remain anonymous. Just keep doing good things,’Omar said.
‘I guess that’s what karma is, you don’t expect anything back.’


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