Run Daddy, Run

Run Daddy, Run
Eduardo Camargo’s youngest daughter, Jazlyn, was born with a rare condition known as biliary atresia, which left her in need of a liver transplant. Camargo didn’t want his daughter to have to wait on a list for a donor, so he asked the doctor if he could donate part of his own liver. The doctor said it was possible, but Camargo had too much fat in his liver, and he had to lose 40 pounds to get rid of it.
“That’s when it hit me, and I knew I had to do something because I didn’t want my daughter to be on the waiting list,” Camargo said.
Camargo, 35, hit the street, running 20 miles a week.
“When I would be nauseous I would just think of my daughter, my eyes would get wider, and I knew I had to keep going. My thing in my head all the time was, ‘Please God, help me help my daughter,’” Camargo of Chicago told ABC7.
He lowered the amount of fat in his liver and was qualified as a donor. Doctors report that doctors removed one -third of Camargo’s liver to replace his baby’s failing liver. After recovering for several month, Camargo’s daughter is now back home and reportedly doing well.
(Source via Daily Saint – Photo via Sun Times Media)



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