21 Year-Old Organ Donor Saved Seven Lives

21-year-old Henry Mackaman - organ donor kindness

Organ donors are heroes who commit the most selfless act of kindness imaginable. When Henry Mackaman, a University of Wisconsin-Madison college student, died from bacterial meningitis, his family found some small comfort in the fact that he had made the decision to donate his organs.
Mackaman’s ultimate act of kindness, simply checking the “Organ Donor” box on his driver’s license, ultimately saved seven lives. His mother posted on Caring Bridge, “All of us are proud of Henry for making the decision to be an organ donor. This generosity shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows him. With his decision, up to 54 people will benefit from the incredible life that Henry lived.”
Source: Oddee.com

6 thoughts on “21 Year-Old Organ Donor Saved Seven Lives

  1. Awesome act ! Henry has Beautiful smile- I am sure he is still smiling after helping so many ! I am sorry for his family to suffer this loss. I applaud and honor them for their ability to see and feel beyond their own pain and share the gift of life with so many other families ! Wishing more would do the same – because most don’t – some otherwise healthy live people ( including my own husband ) have to make the ultimate sacrifice and donate parts of their liver – or a whole kidney to save family members


  2. Reblogged this on Nancy Dinell-Bead Charmer Girl and commented:
    Many of you know my late husband, Leonard Ireland was an organ donor also. His selfless act helped many people also. Please consider being an organ donor too. There is no way to know who you’ll help. But I can only imagine they will be grateful for your help.

    Be a Blessing,
    Nancy ~ Bead Charmer Girl


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