He Left $187.6 million to a Variety of Charities

Jack MacDonald kept his wealth a secret for nearly half a century, so when he died in September at the age of 98, no one outside his immediate family knew of his immense estate.

MacDonald of Washington left all $187.6 million to a variety of charities, including Seattle Children’s Hospital, the University of Washington School of Law and the Salvation Army.

MacDonald’s mother was a volunteer at Seattle Children’s Hospital and after she died, MacDonald became more involved with different hospital events. He was a graduate of the University of Washington Law School.

MacDonald, who lived in a modest one-bedroom apartment and took the bus most days, worked as an attorney for three decades and made his millions off of investments. His wife of 28 years died in 1999, and he had no children.

“Our family has lived with the ‘secret’ of Jack’s generous fortune for more than 40 years, all while being amazed at his frugal lifestyle and modest demeanor,”

Regen Dennis, MacDonald’s stepdaughter, told ABC News. “He was quirky and eccentric in many ways, and always stayed true to himself by acting on his convictions to do the most good with his wealth.”

(Source via Daily Saint – Photo via UW School of Law)


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